How to find a song with Google hum to Search

Do you hum a song only to find yourself unable to figure out which song it is? Well, you’re not alone. Rather than asking your friend or colleague, you can use Google’s new search feature that lets you figure out the song by humming.

How to hum to Search a song using Google

First, you need to open the Google mobile app on your preferred device (Android, iPad, or iPhone).

After that, tap the “Microphone” icon in the search bar.

Google Hum to search

Now tap on “Search a song.”

Google Hum to search

Google will now start listening. Now, you can hum the song and wait for it to show results.

Google Hum to search

Based on your input, it will show results with a match percentage. If the song isn’t on the list, then tap on “More Results” to show other results or “Try Again” to start all over again.

Google Hum to search

Android users can also use the “Hey Google” voice command or touch/hold the Home button to open up the Google Assistant. Here, you need to ask Google, “What’s the song” and then hum the song.

You can also use the Google Search widget and tap the mic icon to get started.

What about other ways to find a song by Humming

Apart from Google Assistant, there are other ways you can find a song by humming; one such way is to use the SoundHound app by Midomi.

To get started, download the app on your device.

Now, open the app and tap on the center SoundHound icon to discover the music.

Start humming and wait for the results to show up. You can also tap the SoundHound icon again to stop humming and get the results.

In our testing, we found Google to be more accurate than SoundHound. We also tried Siri and Cortana to find a song by humming, but they both failed.