How to see your Spotify stats

Not sure how to check your Spotify Stats? We'll show you how to do it

Do you find yourself listening to new music? Well, you’re not alone, as music tastes change over time.

As a Spotify user, you can learn about it using their in-built Spotify stats or a third-party app to find your listening habits, the tracks you love, and the artists you follow.

So, how do you check your Spotify Stats? Let’s go through the different methods.

How to check your stats on Spotify (Desktop and Web player)

Spotify in-built stats don’t include numbers, but you can learn about your “top artists this month” and “top tracks this month.” To check the stats, you need to:

Open up Spotify Desktop or Web Player. Next, go to the app’s upper-right corner and click on profile.

Spotify profile dropdown menu

If you follow the steps correctly, you’ll see your Profile page.

Here, you’ll see two sections: the upper section houses the top 10 artists, while the lower section lists the top 50 songs. You can click on “See All” to see the whole list.

Spotify top artists and tracks for this month

How to check your Spotify stats on mobile (Android and iOS)

Spotify Mobile offers a limited view of your listening habits. Here, you’ll not get access to everything that the Spotify Desktop or Web player offers, but you can know about “recent” played artists.

Search and open Spotify app on your mobile phone. Now press the “settings” gear on your app’s top-right section.

spotify settings mobile

Scroll down and toggle “Recently played artist” to ON. (This will also make the played artists list public. So, you may want to turn it off later on)

Once the toggle is ON, you go to your profile by tapping your username.

Under your profile, you will see a dedicated section for recently played artists. To see the whole list, tap “See all.”

How to check your stats with Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapper 2021

Spotify Wrapped is a yearly recap of your Spotify adventures. Every year, Spotify will send you Spotify Wrapped slideshow, which includes top artists, top songs, minutes listened, and top genre.

The slideshow will vanish after a few days, but you can still access Spotify Wrapped through your account. You must log in to your account and visit the Spotify – 2022 Wrapped page.

To check the previous year’s Spotify Wrapped, you need to modify the URL

And so on!

Other ways to check your Spotify stats

Third-party apps also offer an easy yet more visualized way to check your Spotify stats. Two of our favorite third-party apps include Icebergify and Spotify Pie. With Icebergify, you can view your listening habits using Icebergs. Spotify Pie, on the other hand, uses Pie charts.

Another noteworthy app is, which offers an extensive outlook of your Spotify listening habits. It shows the top tracks, albums, artists, and genres. It also showcases the number of minutes streamed during the most active part of the day when you play your tracks.