How to block someone on Spotify

Spotify introduced its new feature that lets you block other people. Find out how!

Fed up from an artist’s song popping up in your playlist or by a follower spying on you? In both cases, Spotify got you covered.

Spotify has always let the users block artists, but its newest feature allows you to block followers you don’t like.

By blocking, you remove the person’s ability to follow your Spotify account, i.e., hiding your profile information, including playlists and activities.

There are three ways you can block someone. Here’s how to do it.

Block them from your friend list

Spotify’s web and desktop versions show friends’ activity on the right sidebar.

To block, right-click on the friend’s name and then proceed to left-click on “Block.”

Block them from your followers list

You can only block followers through your Followers List.

To do so, you must go to your profile from the top right corner of your Spotify app.

A drop-down menu will open. From there, select Profile and then “Followers.”

Spotify profile page

Now, find the person you want to block and right-click their name. You’ll get multiple options, including “Block.”

Click on it to block the selected follower.

Block Spotify profile from followers

Note: If you’re using mobile, the option will read, “Block user.”

Block them from their profile page

If the person you want to block isn’t on your friend and follower list, you need to go to the person’s Spotify profile to block them.

To search for their profile, use the search option on the left-side panel of your Spotify app.

It’ll highlight the search bar at the top, where you can input the person’s name.

Spotify search profile

Scroll down and go to “Profiles.”

Once you find the person, right-click on their username and select “Block.”

Spotify block profile

When searching using the Spotify mobile app, you need to swipe to the right and select “Profiles.”

Note: On the Spotify desktop app, you only get access to limited search results. However, if you use Mobile, you get access to complete search results and can scroll through them.

That’s it. You should now listen to your music with complete peace of mind.