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InverseGeek is an Independent tech website that publishes tech news, how-to lessons, product reviews, buying guides, and discount deals, among other things. Our team is made of dedicated tech enthusiasts that will help you get through the complicated digital world with ease.

When technology seems too complicated to grasp, we’re the people to turn to for solutions. If your computer has a problem, you can always trust the InverseGeek team to come up with a tried-and-tested practical solution.

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Meet our team
James Summerlin
Chief Editor

James Summerlin is the Chief Editor. He leads a quality staff of technology journalists who cover breaking news as well as extended, in-depth coverage of different issues. He is responsible for editing the site's how-to and repair information and manages a staff of writers that ensure that all content is updated properly as new technology is introduced.

Nicole Morgan

Nicole Morgan is our tech-savvy editor. She ensures that all guides and articles are accurate and useful. Nicole is an authority on every subject, large or small. She brings a lifetime of technical knowledge to her work as our staff writer, where she also oversees all of the material to ensure it is as accurate and in-depth as possible.

Shawn Macrae
Staff Writer

Shawn Macrae is a staff writer and he has 5 years of experience in covering technology and gaming topics. Shawn began his career as a freelance staff writer before joining as full-time gaming and technology staff writer.

Keith Trotman
Staff Writer

Keith has written extensively on a wide range of tech topics in diverse online publications. If there's any amazing, new, and fascinating technology out there, you can count on Keith to track it down and ensure you know everything there is to know about it.

Karen Haney
Staff Writer

Karen is our contributing writer. She brings to the company an unrivaled charm in covering different tech issues and how they affect the average person. As a techie fan, she has many years of experience in freelance writing news, daily tech tips, features, and product reviews. You will enjoy her touch of humor so much.